Land Surveying Why It is Needed And What They Consist Of

Land is surveyed for several different reasons, one of which is for residential land. Lots of people are familiar with this type of land survey and it is primarily used for property boundaries. These land surveys can be vital in resolving boundary disputes or when someone is purchasing land to build property on. They are also used for the purposes of applying for a mortgage. However, there is more to residential land surveys than meets the eye and it is not just about measuring the boundary. The surveyor will spend a considerable amount time researching and plotting the individual boundary for each property. They will search for records relating to the property such as title deeds, land registry and also investigate any other official records that are pertinent. This can be hugely important when for instance a piece of land is sold for the development of numerous new homes and a number of years have passed since the last survey was done. It is essential that the boundaries are correctly recorded at this stage in order to avoid disputes in the future.

When the surveyor has proof of the property’s boundaries, they will then be able to take measurements of the land which will determine whether the current boundary is in conflict with the boundary which was previously recorded. Often, stakes will be used as marker points which will make future surveys easier and give accurate points. Measurements are then taken with an electronic device called an electronic distance measurement or EDM but can also be done the old fashioned way, with a transit and a tape measure. These days GPS can also be used but the results are not as accurate as those produced using the more traditional methods of obtaining readings. The surveyor will generally make several measurements to give an average, then, using these results will be able to establish a true position for the boundary. On completion of the measurements, the land surveyor will then look at the placement of the stakes that were used for measuring points to see whether there are any differences between this survey and the previous records. It is important that proper records are kept and kept at every stage so that if there are any changes or differences, it is possible to make accurate checks.

When the land survey is done the property lines that have been recorded by the licensed surveyor then becomes the legal boundary for the property. Normally, there is no difference in this boundary line to that of the last one but sometimes this is not so. If there is a considerable difference, something has changed and that needs to be investigated. This is why having a house survey done before you purchase a property really can pay off as it will give you peace of mind before you make the decision. You can be confident that your boundary is legal and that there is no territory dispute. Land surveyors produce their surveys using maths, physics, geography and geometry as well as law and the ability to read maps accurately.

Tips for Buyers And Sellers of Real Estate

The decision to put your home on the market isn’t an easy one, especially if you are doing it the first time. Similarly, it doesn’t matter whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned homeowner, it is always advisable to be knowledgeable about the buying and selling processes so that certain pitfalls may be avoided.Before you put new houses for sales, the following tips are worth having a look at:

– Milton real estate may be a good starting point. Research well, before getting started. It is also recommended to interview as many Milton real estate agents and Online Real Estate Services as possible before reaching a final choice.

– It is important to be aware of your rights and obligations as a seller, especially for Toronto homes for sale.

– Ask your realtor to fully explain the contractual details. You may also decide to involve your lawyer. Get studying the contact may seem a waste of time, but it is extremely important. Do not overlook it!

– At times one is too attached with the property one’s selling. Make sure that your price expectations are based on the real market value of your property and not on your emotions, speculations, or needs.

– Trust you agents when he tells you to spend some money on the TLC. At times it is important to fix up the property and get it in the right shape.

– Use advertisement to promote your property especially for Toronto homes for sale. If your agent isn’t already using it, make sure that you remind him to do that.

– Remember that on many cases first impressions are the last ones; use the most attractive photographs to advertise your property.

– Do not overlook the important of curb appeal; the inside of the property must be as attractive as the outside look.

– Do keep your property clean and presentable. You would surely like the potential customer to see the property in the best shape.

– If your property isn’t selling, try to lower the price. Note that if your property is unsold for too long, it may raise suspicion among the buyers. It is also advisable to reevaluate the value of your property times after time.

– Consider the first offers seriously. They might well be your best bets.

– It is important to know the difference between a buyer’s realtor and a seller’s realtor: A buyer’s realtor acts in the best interest of the buyer, all the times, while the seller’s realtor protects the seller’s interest. If a particular realtor represents both the buyer and the seller then he will be called a ‘dual agency’.

– Real Estate Professionals must disclose their representation in a transaction. However it is always wise to discuss the pros and cons of different types of representations. It is good to reckon your options well, before the transaction. This will certainly give you a good idea as what is best for your given situation.

– If you are a buyer and desire an access to unbiased information go for a licensed realtor. This information may well turn out to be critical in your final decision. In real estate jargon this information is called ‘comparables’. It will cover the details about the new houses for sales and also properties in the adjacent areas. Such information will give you great insights.

Easily and Wisely Buy, Sell and Rent at Brickell Brokers

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The Importance of Buying Land

Who doesn’t want to create assets? All of us invest money for creating an asset. What exactly does the word asset mean? Asset simply represents the ownership of any material or object which can be converted into immediate cash at any time. Some people get mixed up between the words asset and investment. Although these two words are correlated they do have a different meaning. Investment can be financial or else in terms of goods or materials. In macroeconomics investment is the amount purchased per unit time of time of goods which are saved for future production and are not exploited. On the other hand, asset is something owned by a person as a result of an investment he has made. People invest their money in buying land, residential apartment or certain materials like gold. Investment is mainly made keeping it in mind that the present expenditure may yield a profit in the upcoming future. None of us invest money for creating an asset which has no resale value. No investment is free from risk factor and to achieve in life we have to take some risk.

As we have discussed, land is of course worthwhile to make an investment. As it is said “There is no good without evil”, likewise investing money on land also has certain demerits and merits. As land is a resource which is getting depleted at a fast rate its demand is increasing on day to day basis. Thus this increasing demand will always put an upward price pressure on land. A bare land without any improvements in the form of structures built in it makes the land more affordable. The resale value of land is increasing and hence it proves to be a best option of investment. Land has relatively low maintenance costs. It offers choices to the person making the investment. That is, land is available in varying sizes. Even if you do not have enough money to buy or build your dream home, you can easily make money by buying a piece of land in your name. You could rent it or lease it and just live with the monthly earnings for the rest of your life. But, there are certain disadvantages as well. You may not have immediate cash in hand and profiting from it may take years. For getting immediate profit or income a rental property would be a better option.

Bahrain is developing tremendously at a fast rate and hence it is of course a good option to own a property in this place. Although it is highly difficult to purchase a property in Bahrain, the transactions costs are very low. If you are looking out for a long term asset, the best way is to invest some money in buying some land. Land is the only asset where the price does not deprecate with age.

Firstbuy Proving Popular At Landmark Royal Arsenal Riverside Development

The government-backed FirstBuy purchase assistance scheme has proved to be a popular option for homebuyers at Berkeley Homes’ regeneration scheme at Royal Arsenal Riverside, which is providing some 5,000 new homes in South East London. The scheme is available on selected plots and 11 homes have already been snapped up with FirstBuy funding, with more still available.

Paul Vallone, Managing Director of Berkeley Homes (Urban Renaissance), says: “FirstBuy has proved to be extremely popular at Royal Arsenal Riverside, with first-time buyers taking advantage to buy an affordable new home in a stunning riverside setting with exceptional transport links. This is an exciting time for Greenwich, which has recently been awarded Royal Borough status and is a host Olympic borough, and through schemes like FirstBuy more and more people are able to get their foot on the property ladder in an area which is really going places.”

Royal Arsenal Riverside sees the regeneration of a former government-owned site that manufactured armaments during the Second World War and suffered greatly from bomb damage. Some 2,000 new homes have already been provided at the scheme, housing around 4,000 people. In addition, a new Crossrail station is under construction adjoining the development and residents benefit from a supermarket, pharmacy, health and wellbeing centre, gym, gastropub and cafe on the site itself.

With its fantastic transport links to all parts of London and the new amenities being provided, many young people aspiring to homeownership are considering a property there, made all the more affordable with FirstBuy, which only requires them to provide a 5% deposit. Up to 20% of the purchase price is contributed jointly by Berkeley Homes and the Homes and Communities Agency in the form of an equity loan, meaning the buyer only has to find a 75% mortgage – usually at a much more competitive rate than a 95% mortgage, for example.

Eligible to those earning up to 60,000, FirstBuy is aimed at those who are buying a first home or getting back onto the property ladder and intend to use the home as their main residence. The buyer retains 100% ownership from the start, and the loan is interest free for five years and repayable when the property is sold.

At the current phase, known as The Warehouse No.1 Street, prices start at 252,500 for a one-bedroom apartment and there are a number of one-, two- and three-bedroom properties complete and ready to move into. The marketing suite open from 10.00am to 6.00pm daily (until 8.00pm on Thursdays), enabling buyers to visit the site and get a feel for the new homes themselves.